Synchronous / Asynchronous Workflows – Quick Review

Synchronous => Real Time

Asynchronous => Background

  • Background workflows always run in the context of the owner of the workflow,
    while Real time workflow gives you two options either to execute as the owner of the workflow or to execute as the user who made changes to the record.

  • Real time workflows has the ability to roll back changes if a failure occurs which is not the case for Background workflows.

  • With Real time workflow you can see the changes immediately on the form, but in case of Background workflows you will have to refresh the form.

  • Real time workflow shows the error right on the screen when failure happens, Background workflow doesn’t show the error on screen, you can check in the process sessions why it failed. And this checking of process sessions is something that Real Time workflow doesn’t provide the option for.

Mind boggling! (1/3)

Dynamics 365, CDS, Power Platform and now Project OakDale! These terms are making me go crazy! I start to read and learn about one thing and the next thing jumps in! Take it easy Microsoft!

Well…well…well… seems like I need to increase my pace. So, let’s get started before it’s too late.

Power Platform

So, when you need a feature rich application with a combo of Automation, Visualization and AI, all this without writing too much of complex code, then there won’t be anything better than Power Platform to serve you. To make it simple:

Power Platform = Power Apps + Power Automate + Power BI + Power Virtual Agents

What is this Low-Code – No-Code thingy???

Low Code – No Code means don’t spend much time on writing your code, just focus on the business. This is ideal for people who are not into programming and coding but they need to digitalize their system in quick easy way. This is where Power Platform is a savior!

Does that mean we don’t need Programmers and Coders ? :O

Power Platform is not limited to Low-Code-No-Code. Highly extensible apps, integrated with external sources can also be created with this amazing platform. So, if you were scared for a while that where would the programmers go if non technical people will be able to develop apps, then no need to worry. Solutions are not always easy peezy. A lot of times simple apps need to be extended and here comes a super dooper programmer to the rescue!

Also, we always need programmers and coders to develop such things that are able to work efficiently and independently. Behind every successful low code no code app there is a team of programmers who worked to make it work that way. 😉

So, we still have to discuss about:

  • Pro Developers
  • IT Developers
  • Citizen Developers
  • Project OakDale
  • CDS

Stay tuned… 🙂

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