Power Platform – Clone Solution

When you open an existing solution, you will see the CLONE option there:

Before we go any further, let me tell you there is a Version Number for each solution which we can manually enter while creating it.

If you see, our solution has the Version Number

Version Number has a format: major.minor.build.release

Clone Solution

When you click on Clone Solution, this window pops up:

Notice that you cannot change the Base solution name but the Display name of the Clone Solution can be changed. Also check the Version number and compare it with the Version Number of Base Solution.

By default Clone has major.(minor+1).build.release

We can change the major and minor number only and no changes can be made to build and release number.

If we create another clone of the base solution, this is what happens to the version number:

Let’s see what happens if i change the major , minor number as per my will

So it seems that is also acceptable.

What happens if I change it to ?

This time it fails :

Ok, another try… let’s try to give the same version number as the parent solution i.e.

So, now it is very clear that for a Clone solution, the version number has to be something higher than the base solution.

I am keeping that to, this is acceptable.

Lastly note that, the number of solutions doesn’t increase. It is cloned to the same solution, changing the version number.

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