What happens when you open your big mouth?

Public Speaking

When you are speaking a language, it’s good to speak it correctly. It’s never too late for learning new things. There are a few things that I have heard people using / pronouncing in a wrong way. Even I didn’t know them at some point of time. So if you are unfamiliar with these, get to know them now:


Know the difference in meanings

  1. Intern and Internee

2. Career and Carrier

Some more points to ponder

  1. Never use a past tense with DID.
    Wrong: “Did you went to the market?”
    Correct: “Did you go to the market?”
  2. Never use ‘an‘ with YEAR.
    Wrong: ‘It’s been an year.
    Correct: It’s been a year.

So, next time when you are writing your resume or going out for an interview or speaking in that webinar, take care of these things!

If you have something to share, do comment below. I’ll keep on adding more in this blog post. ๐Ÿ™‚

All meanings are taken from Googleโ€™s English dictionary provided by Oxford Languages.

Pronunciations reference: Emma Saying

Image courtesy: People vector created by pch.vector – www.freepik.com

Reminiscing old days

Talking to one of our group members Rida who is still a university student, me and Sana started remembering our university days when we were full of life. Although we all are from different universities and are not at all familiar to each other, the golden time spent at the university seems to be somewhat similar.

Attending lectures together, reserving seats for the whole group, annoying each other to the fullest, having unplanned parties in the cafeteria every other day, and let me tell you those parties were no less than an extortion! Whether it was a birthday of a friend or if someone had secured highest marks in any subject, it was the right of all other friends to force the poor fellow to treat them with a lunch or dinner.

Not to forget the group study we used to do during the exam preparatory leaves which usually ended up in everything else but studying.

We still remember laughing on stupid jokes, calling each other’s proxy, receiving birthday wishes, standing outside the admin block just to use WiFi!

Recalling that beautiful time now, we realize that how time just flies but memories remain forever. At that time we were just having fun, we never knew we were making memories!

-Amna Jalal, Sana Maqsood, Rida Chaudhry

No title… just a thought…

Sometimes you need to limit yourself from your own imaginations, things that you keep on thinking about, you need to set a full stop to that… the sooner the better. This will make you go peace with yourself. Stop means stop. No means No, it is that simple! You need to understand that some things are just impossible to achieve.